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Located in the north east region of San Diego County lies Poway, The City in the Country. Located near Rancho Bernardo in North San Diego, the City of Poway is home to beautiful parks and reserves and a diverse community.

With an excellent school district and a thriving business economy, the City of Poway is an excellent place to consider expanding your real estate portfolio.

If you’re thiking about leasing your single-family home in the Poway area, consider PropertyADVANTAGE as your property management company of choice. With almost a decade of experience, PropertyADVANTAGE works to provide our clients with the highest quality of service.

As your property management company, we don;t spend our time buying or selling real estate. Instead, we focus our efforts on protecting our property owners and their tenants from any liabilities that may occur.

If you’re looking for help managing your single-family home or other types of residential property, our property managers can help you with your leasing goals.

What we do as your Poway property manager:

  • Rent Collection
  • Accounting Services
  • Bill Payment
  • Maintenance Coordination
  • After Hours Emergency Maintenance Availability
  • Annual Property Evaluations
  • Eviction Assistance
  • Show Available Properties
  • Lease Preparation and Execution
  • Tenant Screening
  • Tenant Placement
  • Move-In/ Move-Out Evaluations
  • HOA – Tenant Relations
  • Lease Re-Writing and Modifications
  • Large Investor Asset Management

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Why Do You Need a Professional Property Manager?

Our full-service property management company will:

  • Questions to ask a property management company
  • Make sure your properties fulfill all local, state and federal regulations
  • Enforce the terms of your rental agreements
  • Collect bad debts and evict tenants
  • Prepare welcome handbooks for tenants
  • Manage cleaning, painting and maintenance repairs
  • Perform move-in and move-out inspections
  • Advertise and show your properties

Our Management Fee:

We deduct a small percentage of your monthly rent from your Poway investment property in exchange for a professionally managed real estate property. We do this to ensure that our property owners receive excellent service while maximizing their rental income.
We know that every residential property is unique, so let’s discuss your Poway rental today!
Benefits of Working with PropertyADVANTAGE
We know that the responsibilities of a property manager can mean waking up with late night plumbing issues or having to initiating awkward conversations about late rent payments. As part of our residential property management services, we do all of these things for our property owners so they don’t have to worry about anything.

PropertyADVANTAGE takes care of the day to day responsibilities of residential property management. As a property owner, you’ll be able to maximize your cash flow from your investment property while minimizing the amount of time you actually manage the operations.

We service all of the San Diego county area, including areas around Balboa Park and North County San Diego.
For more information about our full-service property management services, contact us today!

Poway Area Information

Poway is a city in San Diego County, California and its rural roots gave rise to its slogan, “The City in the Country”. Dating back to 1828, documents of Mission San Diego de Alcala records the name of the valley as “Paguay”. Although there has always been a discrepancy regarding the exact translation of “Paguay”, generally the accepted version indicated “the meeting of little valleys” or “end of the valley”. Also, there is prolonged controversy in regards to the proper spelling of the name Poway. Historically, the name has also been scribed as Paguai, Paui, Pauai, Pauy and Powaii.

Poway’s contemporary history began in the late 18th century – during the time that padres from the San Diego de Alcala kept cattle in the valley. Artifacts discovered along the bed of Poway Creek such as pottery, metates, spear points, grinding stones and arrow heads indicated a pre-dated Diegueño presence. A variety of adorning pictographs captured many of the Poway boulders. Modern technologies suggest that the paintings date as far back as the 16th century or even earlier. Poway Property Management expands services to the community, helping them to discover Poway real estate, find local businesses, and appreciate its history and rural roots.

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