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We Can Help Manage Your Colton Rental Property

Our Colton property professionals are full-time managers who do not buy or sell real estate. We devote all of our attention to managing your property in Colton and staying current on rental laws and practices. Our owners are provided with a team of skilled property managers to oversee the daily responsibility of a property.

The property management teams work closely with both our Accounting and Maintenance departments to provide expert knowledge to our owners. At PropertyADVANTAGE we work as a team to seamlessly supply excellent service in all facets of property management.Our property management team has the experience to manage any situation quickly, efficiently, legally and with minimum exposure to liability for our landlords. We take care of all the details, so you don’t have to. We deducted a small percent of the monthly rent to manage your property professionally.

What we do as your Colton property manager:

  • Rent Collection
  • Accounting Services
  • Bill Payment
  • Maintenance Coordination
  • After Hours Emergency Maintenance Availability
  • Annual Property Evaluations
  • Eviction Assistance
  • Show Available Properties
  • Lease Preparation and Execution
  • Tenant Screening
  • Tenant Placement
  • Move-In/ Move-Out Evaluations
  • HOA – Tenant Relations
  • Lease Re-Writing and Modifications
  • Large Investor Asset Management

Take advantage of these helpful Owner Resources and see how they can help your rental property.

Why Do You Need a Professional Property Manager?

Our Services Will:

  • Make sure your properties fulfill all local, state and federal regulations
  • Enforce the terms of your rental agreements
  • Collect bad debts and evict tenants
  • Prepare welcome handbooks for tenants
  • Manage cleaning, painting and maintenance repairs
  • Perform move-in and move-out inspections
  • Advertise and show your properties

Avoid those 2 a.m. calls about plumbing disasters. Never worry about collecting late rent payments. Switch smoothly from one tenant to the next with as little down time as possible. Our professional property management services will give you peace of mind.

PropertyADVANTAGE takes care of all the day-to-day headaches associated with your rental’s property management. As a result, you maximize rental income while minimizing the amount of time you spend dealing with operations.

We service all of Colton, however we specialize in servicing North County and the areas below. Our property management office locations in Colton and Colton facilitate our County wide services.

Colton Area Information

Located in the Inland Empire region of San Bernardino County, California, the city of Colton was founded in 1875 and subsequently incorporated in 1887. The very first permanent settlement occurred by the early 1800s, in the southwest area of Colton, and was identified as “Agua Mansa” or Gentle Waters. Explorers from Mexico passed through in the late 1700s; it had been settled by New Mexico pioneers in 1842. After which, the Mexican land was granted as ranchos to private owners. Colton became a part of two private ranchos, Jurupa and San Bernardino Rancho by 1840. The remote ranchos supported the city’s agricultural industry, which was extremely significant to the growth of the developing region.

The modern-day Cooley Ranch was historically referred to as Indian Knolls and served as the home for Indians nearly 100 years. The original Cooley Ranch property owner, George Cooley, moved to the Colton area in 1853 from Kent, England. The following year Mr. Cooley purchased 200 acres at $3.50 an acre along the Santa Ana River. At that time, Cooley was appointed San Bernardino County’s Chairman for the Board of Supervisors.

Because the property quickly expanded into a 400-acre tract, the property taxes increased. Therefore, in 1873, the property was sold to Vitelli Enterprises of La Habra. The city was eventually termed after the former 1855 Brigadier General of the California State Militia, David Douty Colton. Later, he served as the Vice President of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company. The professional Colton Property Management team’s office locations in Colton facilitate County wide services, to include showing historical Colton properties.

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