Owning rental property is a smart investment but the reality of actually taking care of all the issues that can occur can become overwhelming. You have to take into consideration all the legal aspects and day to day problems that can arise when you have rental properties.

Working with a property management company such as PropertyADVANTAGE can help you not only get the most from your property, but also make sure you’re doing everything in accordance with local, state and federal laws. This keeps you and your residents happy and well taken care of.

Why hire a property management company?

Leasing your home requires quite a bit of work. From researching how much to charge for rent, to posting ads and screening potential residents, there’s much that needs to be done before you even start collecting rent.

It’s also important to understand any local laws that landlords and properties need to follow. For instance, the Fair Housing laws prevents you from denying any tenant on the basis of color, nationality, religion, family status, gender or disability plus several other criteria. As a landlord, you must follow these rules in order to prevent discrimination action against you. Violating these regulations can lead to expensive lawsuits and put your personal assets at risk. Working with PropertyADVANTAGE will help you make sure you are compliant with all Fair Housing requirements.

There is also administrative work involved in safeguarding your property and your agreement with residents. Will you have the residents sign a lease? How will the lease be written? How will you handle residents requesting early breaks from the lease? What will you do to ensure minimum downtime during vacancy?

Then of course you need to be prepared to handle maintenance requests. Something as normal as taking a vacation can become a problem if your residents need you. If something breaks or goes wrong in the middle of the night who will they call?

All of these things and more are our specialty at PropertyADVANTAGE.

“You have had a positive effect on my goals for the property. Somehow you knew how to do all of this, time management, money management, and the courage to do the right thing timely. The responsibility you have had for the past 20 years and how you have handled each situation is really reflected in the amount of freedom I have had to travel and stay in touch with you. Thank you.

The staff you provided for us to access has been just wonderful. They certainly reflect a very bright and self-disciplined company, and are “always helpful” towards success and meeting goals. I could go on and on about the repairs, maintenance, and wonderful property upkeep, and the screening of tenants, and the constant respect for cost . . .All of this is to say, hopefully, we will know each other and meet our goals together for another 20 years.”

Jean, Carlsbad, a long time customer who indicates how long we have been doing business together. We have been in the property management business for 27 years!

Benefits of hiring PropertyADVANTAGE

At PropertyADVANTAGE we consider your investment our number one priority. Our team of highly skilled professionals will take care of all aspects of managing your properties.

We know the laws and we have the experience and expertise to determine the best rent for your property. We will research different rental properties in your area and compare them to yours in order to place the best value on your property and then effectively advertise your property to get your property leased as soon as possible.

We will pre-screen and pre-qualify any applicants in order to find a qualified resident for your property.

Other services we take care of for you:

  • Preparing and executing a lease
  • Collecting rent payments on time
  • Making sure any maintenance is taken care of
  • Emergency maintenance when required
  • Eviction notices if required
  • Accounting
  • Making sure your property is ready for move in
  • Evaluate the units at move out
  • Determine if security deposit is to be returned and how much
  • Make sure all inspections are up to date and taken care of
  • As you can see, we can handle everything and provide you with peace of mind.

You too can benefit from having a good property management firm and give yourself the peace of mind that comes from knowing someone is taking care of your assets

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