Working with the right property manager can be the difference between successfully renting your property out or having it stand vacant. Property managers provide a value to home owners with our expertise in maintaining properties, screening qualified tenants, and knowing how and when to market rental properties to keep vacancies at a minimum.

Property Advantage has been recognized in all of these categories both by professional property management associations and by customers who have relied on them in the past. Here are the top five reasons property owners have chosen to partner with Property Advantage:

Consistent Communication

Lack of communication is one of the biggest pitfalls of the rental industry. Too often property managers fail to communicate effectively with landlords when there are problems at the house, or they fail to respond in a timely fashion when a resident needs assistance or repairs at your rental.

Property Advantage has a strong reputation among customers for answering questions quickly, concisely and honestly to get issues resolved. This level of communication has made them a top choice among landlords who want to know their properties are in good hands.

Jean, Carlsbad Home Owner

Experience and Expertise

One thing that has made Property Advantage stand out among competitors for years is our knowledge and expertise in the field of property management. Our background and experience has allowed them to offer useful and reliable solutions to landlords. We have a unique ability to offer advice based on what we can predict of the rental market, and problems that we foresee before they become a reality. Oftentimes this allows property owners to prepare themselves ahead of time for expenses or challenges in advance.

Customer-Centric Approach


Property Advantage has earned the distinguished California Association of Community Managers Excellence in Service award for 2016 as a direct result of our customer centered approach to property management.

Our customers are happy to report they feel as though the staff of Property Advantage goes above and beyond to support landlords by helping them increase the value of their properties over time, not just maintaining them at a base level. As a result, customers are able to accurately gauge the success of their current properties and make informed decisions about further investments in either new properties or renovations of old properties.

High Quality Maintenance

One of the most frequent concerns of property owners who can not directly oversee their properties is the quality of maintenance and repairs being made in their absence. Fortunately, Property Advantage has enlisted the help of an extremely skilled group of contractors and industry experts to provide top notch maintenance to all properties.

Whether it is a plumbing repair, a new roof, or landscaping, tenants and property owners alike are happy to report their homes are being well taken care of and maintenance requests are addressed immediately without the run around other property managers often use to avoid paying out for necessary repairs.

Del Mar Property Management Company

Good Marketing Practices

When it comes to filling vacant properties there are often concerns about how to present the property to potential tenants and how to decide which tenants are most qualified to move into the property. Property Advantage has a great online portal that showcases homes currently available, but we also go out of our way to make it possible for future tenants to view properties at our convenience.

We also take all of the guesswork out of the application and lease process. Once applications are accepted, we take the time to carefully check backgrounds to qualify the individuals who will be living in your home. This reduces the amount of maintenance required on the property, but also reduces the chances of trouble when collecting rent down the road. Property owners report they have very few tenant disputes due to Property Advantage’s diligence during this process.

Before you choose just any property manager to handle your investments, take a moment to look through the Property Advantage testimonials offered by some of our happy clients and our tenants. You can clearly see property owners are happy to have an ally when it comes to taking care of all our property needs, and tenants know they can trust Property Advantage to take care of them as well.