You may have heard of “impostor syndrome,” in which successful people feel they have arrived at a level of success they do not deserve. The New York Times traces identification of the feeling to 1978, but many property owners today seem to carry this psychological burden into our offices.

They feel somehow they are not worthy of the services offered by a full-service property management company. They “only” own one or two lease properties. They are “too small-time” to warrant our attention.

This is completely untrue; whether you own a half-dozen or a hundred properties, you deserve and need the help a full-service property management company can provide. More important, your residents need and deserve our help, too.

Peace of Mind

Laws, regulations, contracts — these can all be intimidating ideas. As a property owner, do you really know the local guidelines, federal disability regulations, and municipal codes to keep your properties safe and ready for lease?

Signing a full-service property management contract with us should bring comfort, peace of mind, and significantly less worry than you are experiencing by trying to handle everything yourself.

Your level of investment does not matter. Whether you own one lease property or hundreds, you probably have insufficient time to look after everything. Turning responsibilities for day-to-day management of your property will definitely free you in many ways:

  • Marketing — perfected
  • Mental stress — gone
  • Record keeping — streamlined
  • Daily property maintenance chores — gone
  • Resident applications — done
  • Resident screenings — accomplished
  • Resident concerns — minimized
  • Petty cash outlays — gone

When you sign a full-service contract, you transfer the burden of property ownership to professional managers whose only goal is to provide complete resident satisfaction while protecting your real estate investment. You have provided the infrastructure and capital — we provide the service.

Complete Services

Our teams divide up the work of property management, so each skill is handled by detail-oriented experts. You need not be a jack-of-all-trades when you turn the work over to a property management team. Everything is handled for you:

  • Marketing your property to attract the best residents
  • Screening potential residents to ensure reliable, financially secure occupants of your properties
  • Showing properties
  • Providing accounting services to improve cash flow
  • Scheduling inspections
  • Managing repairs, resident concerns, emergencies and more


One of the thorniest issues for property owners — staying in compliance with local and state regulations — becomes our problem, not yours. The full-service contract protects you from potential lawsuits and complaints because you were not aware of some guideline, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirement, or ordinance. This is particularly helpful for property owners whose lease properties are scattered across several municipalities. What is permissible in one town may not be in another; we keep on top of these details.

Point of Contact

As the owner of leasing properties, you want to convey a welcoming, supportive attitude to attract and retain the best residents. By signing a full-service property management contract, you enlist the help of a whole team of customer service representatives ready to take calls from residents anytime.

Having our staff available as the first line of contact frees you to enjoy your weekends without standing in line at the big-box home improvement store to buy a water heater you have to spend your Saturday night installing. This frees you from trudging out in the night in a rainstorm to deal with a leaky roof. This frees you to take a week-long vacation, knowing your properties are secure, your residents are happy, and your income is steady.

Conflict Resolution

In any group of two or more people, conflicts arise. It is human nature. When an unhappy resident lodges a complaint, we handle it efficiently and professionally. When that same resident begins a steady stream of complaints, we handle that, too. We know how to resolve conflicts, how to preserve your property, and how to screen residents in the first place.

The Full Spectrum

From one-time placement services to homeowners’ association (HOA) relations, a full-service property management contract can take over nearly every aspect of every day:

  • Accounting — Collection, bill payments, deposit reimbursement, electronic payment portal
  • Administrative services — Market analysis, lease preparation, lease execution, eviction assistance, tenant relations
  • Advertising — Property photos that do not look like you took them with a cell phone from a passing car; online property listings; showings; open houses
  • Resident placement services — Resident screenings and applications; lease agreements
  • Maintenance — 24-hour emergency service, property evaluations

By signing a full-service property management contract with PropertyADVANTAGE, you partner with true real estate professionals. Whether you are just starting your climb to the top of the property ladder or are a seasoned property owner, you can find the right level and range of services at PropertyADVANTAGE. Contact us today to learn how we can help you grow and diversify your real estate investments. We promise you will never feel like an impostor.