The San Diego rental market is hot, and it’s easy to see why property owners are investing in the greater San Diego county area, but what sets each area apart? Carlsbad is a community of almost 7-mile strip stretching along the Pacific coast and a popular tourism destination. A smaller city in its own right, Carlsbad is home to around 110,000 residents.

Carlsbad Housing History

So who lives in Carlsbad? As part of San Diego county, the Carlsbad community has a long history dating back to Spanish settlements but really gained an identity in when spa-quality water was found in the nearby wells and put to good use by the Carlsbad Land and Water Company, for whom the town was named.

In addition to being a hub for tourists since the 1880’s, Carlsbad also has a strong agricultural history including crops such as avocado, citrus, and olive.

Carlsbad Housing Demographics

Over 44,000 housing units call Carlsbad, California home.

Average household size – 2.58
Owner-occupied housing – 62.6%
Population density – 2,792.2 per square mile

While the area is definitely dominated by smaller families and single family homes, it’s clear there is still a huge rental market here beyond home owners. The average 2015 home value in Carlsbad is around $700,000 while the average value in California only ranks around $450,000. Even more impressive, this $700k value has risen from an average around $310,000 in 2000. With such a high price point for owning a home, it may be easier for some Carlsbad residents to rent out a residential property. Working with a full-service property management company is a great way for property owners to find tenants for their Del Mar home or condo.

People of Carlsbad

Carlsbad seems like more than just a suburb of San Diego, but who really lives there? The majority of Carlsbad residents work white collar jobs — 91.41% of the population! And these white collar jobs are highly focused in offices, with 41.06% working in management careers, sales, or administrative capacity. This white collar populations shows through too with an estimated median family income of $96,340 in 2015. With this sort of lifestyle, it’s much more common to see single-family homes in this area of San Diego, as opposed to multi-family properties.

Renting in Carlsbad

The average rent in the greater San Diego area is $1,630 per month, up 5.3% over the last year. Average rent doesn’t account for location an amenities though, as a 400 square foot beach apartment can easily run as much as $1,650 per month.

Carlsbad specific rent averages $1,762 from 2011-2015. In comparison, in San Diego in January of 2011, two bedroom rentals averaged only $1,323 per month. Population growth holds strong too, rising by 43.5% since 2000.

Carlsbad Attractions and Amenities

Carlsbad is not just a part of the greater San Diego area, but a community in its own right. Enjoy the sunny beach resorts as you relax to the ocean waves or try paddle boards or winding bike paths. Don’t forget the world class golfing either!

Carlsbad residents get to enjoy the greater San Diego area too. Families can view flora and fauna at the San Diego Zoo or become a build master at Legoland. Support local marine wildlife at Seaworld or help rescue exotic animals at the Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary where they nurture and resocialize colorful parrots.

It’s clear that when you shine a spotlight on Carlsbad — the sun shines. Carlsbad offers upscale California living that blends the sparkle of Orange County with the relaxed beaches of the San Diego area with a wide array of options for an investment property. With a population that has continued to grow rapidly since 2000, there exists a highly in-demand rental market that will continue to rise.

A qualified property management company can help you price competitively, find tenants, and manage the day to day responsibilities of a property manager. If you’re interested in leasing out your Carslbad real estate, download our leasing checklist to make sure you know what it takes to be a great property manager: