Maintaining your home’s curb appeal can greatly improve your property value, as well as help to create a community consciousness around caretaking the property. But maintaining curb appeal doesn’t have to be a matter of expensive renovations. Here are some ways to keep the curb appeal of your San Diego home high:

Beautify your yard

  • Keep the yard mowed and watered for an even, green appearance. Understandably, California is in a drought, and many homeowners want to limit their water use in compliance with San Diego’s voluntary water restrictions, but this doesn’t mean brown has to be the new green. Watering during the cooler parts of the day means less evaporation from your lawn, and if you don’t mind the extra expense, there are many varieties of drought-tolerant grass which still maintain a green appearance even when conditions are drier.
  • Landscape with container gardens. Containers themselves are easy to set up and are visually appealing. Containers also cut down on the amount of weeding and watering required by regular gardens. Colorful flowers add beauty, while fragrant herbs are a balm to the senses. Or you can put together a butterfly garden which can nurture California wildlife.
  • Keep trees and hedges trimmed and maintained. These add a vertical element to your greenery, with taller specimens offering some much-needed shade. In fact, a shade tree sheltering your front walkway or front-facing windows can add comfort as well as curb appeal on a hot day.

Polish up the building and grounds

  • Take a look at the hardware visible on your home. Are the house numbers aligned, polished, readable, and easily visible from the street? (This does more than make your home more beautiful – it also makes your home much safer, if you should ever need to call emergency services!) Are doorknobs clean and elegant? Do all the elements of your home harmonize into a coherent and aesthetically pleasing design?
  • Maintain infrastructure such as rain gutters and downspouts. If any are pulling away from your roof, have them fixed. If your home has a rain barrel, look for a decorative model, or one with a built-in planter.
  • If your paint is looking shabby, put on a new coat of paint. Bright colors such as white can keep your indoor temperatures lower, and are more eye-catching, as well. A fresh coat of paint is a visual signal that the home is well taken care of.
  • Add color to the front door and entryway. This may be achieved by a striking door color, such as red, or by hanging planters, wreaths, flags, or other tasteful decorations. Temporary ones can be changed out seasonally to create a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Take care of the walkway leading to your front door. Pull any weeds growing up through the path, and if there are any unsightly cracks in the concrete, consider having this professionally repaired or even replaced.

Add architecture

  • Install a pergola over your walkway, or place a small gazebo artfully to the side. This will add not only shade and visual interest to your yard, but also depth, making your front yard seem larger.
  • Find a few pieces of yard art which work well with your home’s aesthetic – for example, a small statue, a bird bath, or a set of wind chimes. Remember, however, that when it comes to art, less is more! You don’t need a lot in order to make an impression, and too much of even a good thing can backfire by looking tacky.
  • Install pathway lighting. Small solar lights are inexpensive, and can make it much easier to approach your home at night. Likewise, if you have a porch light, make sure to select a bulb that’s not overwhelming, but does cast an inviting glow. Complement the ambiance with a light cover which matches your home’s other exterior decor, rather than leaving a bare bulb.
  • Use shutters on your front-facing windows. Not only do they add visual appeal, but they can help regulate your indoor temperature, and they also can add a layer of security, as well.

There are many ways to increase the curb appeal of your property. If you’d like to learn more about how curb appeal can be increased, and what the benefits of focusing on curb appeal are, contact PropertyAdvantage today.