San Diego, aside from being America’s Finest City is also host to numerous military bases. The Navy SEALs’ headquarters is just north of Imperial Beach, the Pacific Fleet is based at 32nd Street Naval Station, and the Marines have air stations and training facilities from Miramar to Pendleton. San Diego is the military’s significant presence in California and the West Coast. There are few cities with as many military personnel as San Diego.

For many active and reserve duty personnel stationed in San Diego, they are in paradise. However, they cannot escape their duty, which will inevitably carry them to South Korea, Japan, Guantanamo, or the Middle East. Additionally, most cannot expect to stay based in San Diego.

When you receive those orders, you are left with two options: you can sell your San Diego real estate, or you can rent it out. Both choices have pros and cons, however, it is long proven, that holding onto real estate, leasing it, and generating passive income is one of the best ways to build durable wealth for your family into the future. But, with that in mind, how can you expect to personally manage a property when you across the country or even on the other side of the world?

Full-Service Property Management Company: The Key to Managing Properties If You’re Out of Area

The best solution is hiring a full-service property management company that you can rely on, trust, and delegate authority to manage your residential property competently. There are numerous residential property management companies, such as Property Advantage, throughout San Diego. However, you need a company that is versatile, reliable and trustworthy.


You need a management service that is versatile because the needs of active and reserve duty personnel are diverse. Some service members own single-family homes, some own condos and some own multi-family homes. Any property management company that markets itself to active duty service members need to be flexible and versatile to serve this group.

That means a property management company that can switch from condos in Downtown or Little Italy to single-family homes in Pacific Beach or Kearny Mesa. The San Diego area is a diverse real estate market; each neighborhood has its quirks, pros, cons and markets. Successful management services can adapt to the various markets while serving the unique needs of military personnel.


If you are stationed abroad, the last thing you need is to get a late notice on your mortgage, to see your bank account short or to find out from a friend that your property burned to the ground. With that in mind, you need a property management company that is reliable. You are busy serving and protecting this country; you can’t be distracted with worries stateside about the state of your property, the lack of tenants or the mounting costs.

A San Diego property management company ensures that you don’t need to worry about any of those concerns. A property manager can watch over your property, list it for the tenants that you prefer with descriptions that entice the right residents (i.e. singles, couples, or families). A property management company will take care of the repairs and maintenance, collect the rent, and interface with tenants on your behalf. In short, your property management company should be reliable so you can receive consistent rental income.


Finally, you need a San Diego property management company that is trustworthy. Trust shouldn’t be a selling point; it should be a baseline level of service – especially to active duty service members. However, we operate in reality, and in reality, you can’t rely on everyone to put your interests first. The right property manager can ensure that your condo or home is properly managed, that you are paid the right amount and that your property is kept in good shape.

You cannot hope to do this alone while you are deployed or ordered to a new station. But a property management company can help you keep a hold of your property. Holding and leasing real estate is one of the safest investments you can make for your future, especially in a strong real estate market such as San Diego. Eventually, the home you keep in San Diego could be the first property you own in a burgeoning rental property company. A property management company can help keep you on that path.