Maintenance is an important and necessary part of maintaining a rental property. At home in your personal dwelling, you’ll be well aware of a broken pipe or leaky window, but these things can easily go unnoticed in a rental property or multi-family housing unit. In addition, property owners must keep detailed records showing timely repairs and maintenance, unlike the work you perform at your own home.

Keeping track of this maintenance can be confusing, which is where a San Diego property management company can provide assistance. Property management companies have expertise in handling this kind of work.

Maintenance is necessary to ensure that the property is habitable.

You may have seen foreclosed real estate in your area. A vacant house can fall into disrepair in a matter of weeks. While an occupied unit will stay in better shape, there is still needed maintenance to keep a dwelling in habitable condition. Not only is this a smart practice, but maintenance is the law too.

According to California Tenant Law, “A dwelling also may be considered uninhabitable (unlivable) if it substantially lacks any of the following:

  • Unbroken windows and doors
  • Hot and cold running water
  • Connected sewage disposal system
  • Gas and/or heating facilities in good working order
  • Working electric systems
  • Adequate trash receptacles in good repair

These are just a few guidelines to start. A property manager must also ensure paths of travel like stairways and railings are in good repair, as well as building grounds, garages, and sheds. Areas should stay free of debris and rodents.

Working with an experience residential property management company can help you with these maintenance repairs. Many times, a property management company has a dedicated staff, or trusted partners on hand to help manage their property owner’s needs.

Keeping detailed records of when things are fixed or maintained for future reference.

Tenant law is a big reason why you will want to keep detailed records of all the items you have repaired or maintained, providing a reference for any future questions or complaints. Accidents happen. A freak storm may blow down tree branches. If you have skimped on grounds and landscaping maintenance, this could be seen as a preventable accident that is your responsibility as a property owner.

If instead, you had your grounds regularly maintained by a professional management company and licensed landscapers, this broken branch will more likely be seen as a non-preventable accident.

Your records can show that you maintained property features in good faith, protecting you when accidents do happen. California Civil code details the repairs that are landlord responsibilities. These responsibilities will be well known by top rated professional property managers in the greater San Diego area too.

Knowing how to check and repair things that need regular maintenance.

Another way a property management company can assist you is by knowing exactly who to call when inspections or repairs are needed. If you’ve ever browsed online for services, things can get confusing. Sites like Angie’s List, Thumbtack, and Craigslist offer multiple providers, some of whom provide ratings.

Yet if you call the top rated technician, you’ll often find they don’t service your area, are booked up, or can’t even solve your problem. Cut out all the guess work with property managers that have established relationships with plumbers, landscapers, roofers, electricians, and more.

In addition to knowing just the right person to call, an experienced full-service property management company will have worked to establish predictable rates and quality services with these known connections. These personal relationships are cultivated over years and prove difficult for new owners to establish.

Working in the San Diego area for 30 years, the Property Advantage crew has taken the time learn the California laws involved and understand both tenant and landlord responsibilities.

Experienced service management companies keep detailed records of all the maintenance and repairs that are done on your property, as well as fielding tenant requests. Trust in the service relationships this group has built over time, providing professional property management for single and multi-family properties across the greater San Diego area.

If you’re looking for a full-service property management company to help service your residential property, Property Advantage can help you! Whether you have property in Pacific Beach or any other location in the San Diego area, Property Advantage can help you with you manage your single-family home or multi-family property.